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Summer Camp Counselor

Once upon a time a long time church parishioner, Jack Baker, wanted to help ensure a bright future for East Union Presbyterian Church. He lovingly collected walnut seeds from Deer Lakes Park and planted them on the church property with the hope that they would grow and provide an income for the church, should it ever be in need. Thankfully, these trees have thrived, as has the church. We now enjoy the beauty of over 100 strong walnut trees and the thoughtful intention behind them.


We approach childcare the same way, with the loving intent to help nurture and grow your children through well-researched, age-based stimulation and learning opportunities. We walk with you and your family every step of your journey as we prepare your child for school and beyond – all through a nurturing environment founded on the fruit of the spirit.

East Union Presbyterian is starting a School Age Child Care Program this fall. Walnut Woods Before and After School Enrichment Program (BASE) needs an experienced and professional director to assist with startup and ramp up of this exciting new program. Candidates must have at least an Associates Degree and a PA Directors Credential, Bachelors Degree in Education or Recreation preferred.

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