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Follow Me is a brand-new initiative - a learning and discovery experience - designed for people of all ages to grow in faith! In essence, it’s a church-wide program that will have us all learning and growing together!

In Worship…

  • We’ll get a taste of the new theme with a special activity for all ages during church on the first Sunday of the month!

  • We’ll dig deeper with each week’s sermons!

  • Children will receive weekly Worship Bulletins designed just for them!  


After Church…

  • Classes for children, parents and adults will be held after worship at 10:45-11:30am.

  • Teens will explore the theme at Youth Group most Sunday evenings from 6:30-8pm, (along with other activities, games and topics.)

At Home…

  • Online Activity Pages and other materials will be posted on our website, allowing you to explore the theme at home! 

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